Rules for the Online Forum


Welcome to Agora! We’re glad you’re here. This forum is a place where you can discuss, share, and learn about Democracy. To ensure that everyone has a positive experience, please take a moment to read through our community guidelines and rules.

General Conduct

Be Respectful: Treat others as you would like to be treated. No hate speech, discrimination, or targeted harassment. All attacks of a personal nature are not allowed. Any users who engage in this behavior will be banned from Agora

Keep it Relevant: Make sure your posts are relevant to the specific topic or thread. Off-topic posts may be removed.

No Spam: Self-promotion, advertising, and spam are not allowed unless specifically permitted by the forum administrators.

Safe Environment: No posting of explicit content or materials that are sexually explicit, violent, or illegal.

Be Truthful: Do not knowingly post false information or spread misinformation.

Posting Guidelines

Search First: Before starting a new thread, please use the search function to see if your question or topic has already been discussed.

Clear Titles: Use clear and descriptive titles for new threads to help others understand what you’re discussing.

Stay On Topic: Stick to the thread’s original topic when posting. For new subjects, create a new thread.

Use Proper Grammar: While we understand that everyone makes mistakes, please try to use proper grammar and spelling to make your posts easier to read.

Cite Sources: If you’re sharing information that isn’t common knowledge, please provide a credible source.

Reporting and Moderation

Report Rule-Breaking: Use the ‘Report’ button to inform moderators about posts that break the rules. (Reporting function works like this: [There are a function to report a post? - support - Discourse Meta])

Moderator Discretion: Moderators have the final say in rule enforcement. Their decisions are not up for public debate.

Consequences: Depending on the severity and frequency of rule violations, you may be warned, temporarily banned, or permanently banned from the forum.


No Doxing: Sharing another member’s private information without their consent is strictly prohibited.

Keep Personal Information Personal: Do not share your personal information publicly on the forum. Use direct messages if you need to share sensitive information with trusted users.

Changes to the Rules

The forum rules can be updated at any time. It’s your responsibility to review them periodically.